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Arnette Eyewear Redesign

Arnette is currently a lifestyle eyewear brand focused on the west coast male. Currently Arnette's target audience of the laid back, surfer millennial male guy is shrinking. Sponsored by Luxottica, I was fortunate to work with Industrial Designers and Fashion Designers to redefine the millennial male of the for the new Arnette. Throughout the studio, a new brand, collection, and marketing strategy was developed for the new Arnette.

The new Arnette is quintessentially Californian and new brand draws from its roots and expands them to encompass the essence of modern California to curate a truly authentic experience inspired by the juxtaposition of nature and technology California so boldly embodies.

Our vision captures this essence through the careful consideration of every detail in our design and in each aspect of the experience we curate for consumers.

Check out the full project: Arnette Process Book

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