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The Other Side

The Other Side was a project focused on creating empathy and open discussion on the issues involving race and police actions within the community. Our project's goal was address and eliminate police and civilian biases that exist. This was done through a variety of different deliverables including posters, a video, and the web. These different deliverables were created to connect with audiences across a variety of touch-points.

The Other Side was a group project created along side Nathan Powell, Allie Lozinak, and Rachael Rosa. My individual responsibilities included research, iterations, the kinetic logo and editing the video. 


One of the biggest aspects of this project was the research and the process of how we got to our final solutions. For each phase of the project, each team member would bring in inspiration and iterations of how we thought the problem could be solved. During each meeting we would review what aspects of each design we thought was working, and then bring in another version to advance the design. This is how we finally came up with our final design solution. 

2017 University of Cincinnati Undergraduate
Research Conference

The Other Side was chosen to be apart of the University of Cincinnati Undergraduate Conference. From there it was 1 of 17 (out of 340) chosen for the VIP Presentation tour. It was later recognized as being in the top 10% of presentations at the conference.  

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