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Concept Explorations
George Lois

During the spring of 2016, I entered the My Favorite Medalist competition through AIGA, and I chose to do a poster that represented George Lois.  He is responsible for creating a variety of ads, magazine covers, and logos. I wanted to show off his personality of the “mad man” by using one of his logos to stick out his tongue. The tongue was used from the 1982 MTV logo and campaign George Lois created. With this design, I received a Merit Award from AIGA at the end of the 2016 competition.

Bombetoka Wine Bottle

For this project, I had to research wine in the country of Madagascar. From there I had to come up with a wine label for a bottle that would market between $70-$100. While during my research, I found an imagine of Bombetoka Bay in Madagascar, and I thought the imagery could make a nice texture, while also representing the land of Madagascar. The bottle would be a black matte, with some of the glass showing through at the bottom. The label would be embossed, to put more emphasis on the detail at the bottom of the bottle.

Pure Heroine 

The goal for this project was to recreate an album. I chose Pure Heroine by Lorde for my CD because she conveys an independent woman in a pressure-filled society. I wanted my CD to show a strong woman not in her normal element. That is the reason why I have her standing on a tennis court in a dress with a bedazzled racquet. They are all normal things on their own, but when they are a all combined together, then they are no longer part of the norm.

American Beauty / American Psycho 

For my LP I chose American Beauty / American Psycho by Fall Out Boy. Fall Out Boy is known for being a grunge band, so I wanted to put a twist on something beautiful like a rose. I wanted to show juxtaposition between the American Beauty and the American Psycho within this album. The rose is a beautiful flower, and it is symbolizing the American Beauty, but when the LP is flipped over there is the rose that is seeping out the blood to show the American Psycho.

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