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Bakery Craft 2016 Halloween Styleguide

The goal of this project was to come up with a color palette, patterns, and characters that could be used throughout Bakery Crafts’ 2016 Halloween retail line. I collaborated with another designer to create a variety of options for the line. Below are the items that I contributed to the line. To start the project, I created a trend board to find out what was popular for Halloween. Our target audience is younger kids, so we kept most things cute and fun. We were trying to make everything cohesive between each other. To achieve this we used the same geometric shapes throughout the different characters.

Treat Bags

For this project I was given the task to design a treat bag to present to the buyer. The images included are the dielines sent to vendors, so they know how it should be printed and cut. My target audience was young kids, so I thought googly eyes would help attract kids. It would give the bag another interactive element that kids could enjoy.

Witches Feet Royal Icing

Royal Icing is very popular for the at home bakers, so I was given the task to make witches feet that anyone at home could stick in their cupcake to make it an instant hit. I wanted to give a variety of options, so I created a couple different types of patterns that could be easily associated with witches. I also placed them in a tray to show what they would look like when placed in their box.

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