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Give + Go Wordmark

For this project, I was given the task to create a new magazine based on information in another magazine. I chose a soccer magazine because I love soccer, and I wanted something that is seen as fast paced. Before I could do anything, I had to focus on making a logo that represented my magazine. I chose Give + Go because it is a common soccer reference, and a play that is used often.  With my logo, I wanted to portray the movement involved in the play. I subtly used arrows because they are commonly found in playbooks and show movement. I also used a font that could be similar to a whiteboard marker that would be used in playbooks.

Give + Go Magazine

For the spreads,  I wanted the magazine to represent a playbook. To accomplish this, I made references to a soccer field throughout the spreads. I used hand drawn X’s throughout to help portray the overall playbook concept. I also showed a dotted line with an arrow because that is something that would be found in a playbook when a play is written out.

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